Character Development

2014 National School of Character Winner!

We wish to thank all our stakeholders: Governing Board members, parents, teachers, students, community members and staff for all your assistance and efforts on our road to achieving this. Very few schools in the country can claim to be a (2012) National Blue Ribbon School AND a (2014) National School of Character.

At Imagine Weston, character education is not a program relegated to one part of the school day. Character formation begins with the adults on each campus. It is taught, modeled, and integrated into every aspect of the school day. During morning announcements, words representing character development are presented to the students. Later on, teachers review and explain the meaning of those words with their class.

On each Imagine campus, teachers, staff, and students work to create a caring community where each person is valued and treated with respect, and where it is safe to make mistakes and learn from them. We make time to talk about what it means to live as people of character, set goals for how we can improve, and reflect on how we’re doing. Students learn by collaborating, leading, making decisions, and taking responsibility for those decisions.

Character Counts Pillars