Out-of-Field Teachers

Our professional teachers are continuously upgrading their teaching skills and developing increased levels of content expertise.

We are particularly recognizing 10 teachers at Imagine Charter School at Weston who are expanding their expertise beyond their current certification by pursuing college coursework and/or training sessions to become certified/endorsed in (an)other subject(s). While doing this, they are teaching those subjects to students and will be Governing Board approved to teach out-of-field on September 17, 2018.

In order to remain in the assignment next school year, each teacher will successfully complete required training within the allotted Broward District time frame or, if teaching the primary English/Reading class to identified limited English proficient students, in accordance with the Multicultural Education Training Advocacy (META) timeline.

These teachers are:

Patrizia Alvaro

Certification: Elementary Education, Exceptional Student Education, World Language – Spanish
OOF: Gifted & ESOL Endorsement

Jennifer Bucker

Certification: Elementary Education, Gifted Endorsement
OOF: ESOL Endorsement

Lilliana Gamboa

Certification: Elementary Education
OOF: ESOL Endorsement

Lina Leon

Certification: PreKindergarten/Primary Education (Age 3-Grade 3)
OOF: ESOL Endorsement

Trimar Lugo

Certification: Pre-Kindergarten/Primary Education
OOF: ESOL Endorsement

Anila Qureshi

Certification: Biology, Chemistry
OOF: Gifted Endorsement

Elizabeth Sentell

Certification: Elementary Education
OOF: ESOL & Gifted Endorsement

Rosa Lima Tabares

Certification: Chemistry
OOF: Gifted Endorsement

Jennifer Vigille

Certification: English
OOF: ESOL, Gifted

Susan Zapata

Certification: Elementary Education
World Language: Spanish
OOF: ESOL Endorsement