Out-of-Field Teachers

Each school year, as required law, the community must be notified which Imagine School teachers have been assigned to teach out-of-field. Each of these teachers are mandated to participate and complete in-service training, coursework, or take the subject area exam depending on the particular out-of-field assignment. Listed below are the teachers and their out-of-field assignment(s) for the 2016-2017 school year:

Elementary School

Ms. Breeding – Gifted

Ms. Gamboa – ESOL

Ms. Llompart – ESOL

Ms. Losadat – ESOL

Ms. Mason – Gifted

Ms. Pestcoe – Gifted

Ms. Sotomayor – Gifted

Ms. Ventura – Gifted

Middle School

Ms. Bucker – ESOL

Ms. Cicale – Gifted

Mr. Dingcong – Gifted and ESOL

Ms. Goldberg – Gifted

Ms. Tabares – Gifted