Advanced Reading Programs

Accelerated Reader Program

This motivating reading program encourages students to read books of their choice at their “zone of proximal development” level to be assigned by their classroom teachers. After reading each selection, the children take a test that assesses their level of comprehension. Books may be read to the children, with the children and independently. All assessments will be taken at school. AR goals will be set by individual students with their teacher and with parental guidance and support. Children of all reading levels will be recognized for exemplary effort and progress. Parents may access the Accelerated Reader book list at or

Advanced Reading Challenge

We invite all Imagine Weston students in Grades 3-8 who are at or above grade level in reading and who can assume responsibility for independent work beyond their class and homework assignments to participate in the Imagine Schools Advanced Reading Challenge(ARC). This initiative is designed to challenge students to choose high quality literature, to read as much and as often as they are able, and share their love for reading with their peers and adults in their local community. The book list is comprised of high quality “classic” books. By accepting this challenge, students pledge to read each book and complete a short response of their choice to certify their accomplishment. Imagine Schools will give $50 Barnes and Noble gift certificates to each student who reads and reports on the 25 required number of books. Each student will also be recognized nationally by Imagine Schools.

Student Commitment contracts and book lists will be sent home by the classroom teacher at the beginning of the school year. At the completion of 10 books each participant will receive an ARC tee shirt which will have a score tally printed on the back to record the final 15 books as they are completed. Recognition will also be made for the ARC finishers to walk in our traditional “Walk of Fame”.

ARC – 3rd Grade Packet

ARC – 4th Grade Packet

ARC – 5th Grade Packet

ARC – 6th Grade Packet

ARC – 7th & 8th Grade Packet