Lunch Program

Imagine Weston has contracted with SLA Management LLC for school food service. They have been providing quality food service to area private schools for the past twenty years, with a total of thirty years in the industry. They are excited to contribute to the positive experience of the students and staff while in school each day. During the coming year they will strive to provide high quality, nutritious meals each day prepared and served by their experienced staff whom have worked with their company at other locations.

In addition, Imagine Weston has partnered with the National School Lunch Program (N.S.L.P.) whose guidelines and menus provide meals that are both nutritionally balanced, and portion controlled for calorie content. The N.S.L.P. provides menu guidelines, which we will follow for the hot entrée each day and the state mandated alternative. (Please note: the Hot Entrée and alternative of a Turkey and Cheese Sandwich will be the two choices offered daily to N.S.L.P. participants). In addition to the N.S.L.P. lunch items we will offer a selection of ala carte menu items each day, as an alternative, for students and staff to purchase who are not a participant of the N.S.L.P. if they so desire. Our goal is to provide great tasting, nutritious options for all students and staff with a variety of menu items.

A complete lunch for elementary students will cost $3.75. Middle School students will be charged $4.00 for a complete meal. A La Carte Items will also be available for students not participating in the National School Lunch Program (N.S.L.P). Menus will be posted on line and on our website every two weeks.

Free and Reduced Lunch Program

Parents can apply for Free & Reduced-Price Meals when there is a hardship in the family through the National School Lunch Program (N.S.L.P) that we are providing. If your child received free or reduced price lunch last school year in a BROWARD COUNTY Public School, he/she will be eligible for free/reduced lunch for the FIRST TEN DAYS of the new school year. A NEW FORM MUST BE FILLED OUT if you want your child to continue to receive free/reduced price meals for the school year. Please read the Free & Reduced-Price Meals form over CAREFULLY and fill out each section. An incomplete form will result in the child not receiving breakfast/lunch at the discounted rate.

Ice Cream Sales

Ice cream will be available for sale on Wednesdays and Fridays except when there is an Early Release scheduled. The cost to the students will be $1.00. If you would like to assist in the selling of ice cream on a weekly basis, please contact the PTP Volunteer Coordinator at

Peanut/Food Allergies

We strive to be a peanut free school. If your child has a peanut or other serious food allergy, please contact the guidance counselor, Regina Green, and let the classroom teacher know as soon as possible. A peanut allergy is considered an airborne allergy and may cause life threatening allergic reactions just by someone who is in close proximity of peanuts. The school asks that parents be aware of this potentially deadly condition when packing student lunches or snacks. Please check with your child’s teacher to see if a student in your class is allergic to peanuts or peanut products. We ask that parents are sensitive to this important issue and refrain from bringing peanuts or peanut products on campus.

Bag Lunches and Lunches from Home

For safety reasons, do not bring glass containers to school or food items needing microwaving or heating. Microwave ovens are not available. Additionally, soda and fast food items are not permitted at school. Students may not have meals delivered by parents from fast food restaurants. Parents must have students eat such foods before arriving on campus. We encourage parents to pack healthy lunches low in sugar and chemicals and encourage healthy eating habits.

Birthday and Celebrations

Birthday celebrations are held during lunch time only, in the cafeteria. Parents may acknowledge their child’s or teacher’s birthday by sending a treat to share with the whole class. In ALL cases, birthday treats should be limited to small snacks easily distributed by the student. Balloons, birthday plates and napkins are not permitted. Snacks should be “finger friendly.“ Children can enjoy small baked goods such as cookies or doughnuts. Unfortunately due to Federal regulations, homemade food cannot be served. Birthday celebrations during “black out” testing days are not permitted. Please refer to the school calendar for testing days. The celebration can take place the next open day that visitors are permitted back in to school. Candles (flames) are not permitted at any time due to safety regulations.

Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year middle school students are not permitted to bring in baked goods, treats or balloons to school for a birthday celebration.

Forgotten Lunches

Students who have forgotten lunches will be allowed to charge 1 lunch for the day at the discretion of SLA Management LLC. A student will not be permitted to charge any additional lunches if the lunch account is in the negative. Sandwiches will be available in this case. We do not want any children to go without lunch. BAG LUNCHES AND SNACKS WILL NOT BE DELIVERED TO THE CLASSROOM. THEY WILL BE DELIVERED FROM THE OFFICE TO THE CAFETERIA IN TIME FOR LUNCH.

Health Certificate