Picking Up & Dropping Off


It is truly unfortunate, but there are no additional parking spots in the staff parking lot for non-staff personnel. It is imperative that all visitors park in designated spots across the street in Publix or in legal spots on the street. Double parking is not allowed in our lot and the police are going to crack down on scofflaws. There have been too many dents, bumps and damage to staff cars in the lot. Many times Imagine Weston staff cannot park since parents have placed their vehicle in a staff member’s reserved spot. Additionally, there are staff members who need to use their cars during the day and cannot exit since they are blocked by illegally parked cars. Parking in the fire lanes in front of the school is prohibited. Cars parked in non-designated locations are subject to being towed.

Car Lines

Follow the signs, the direction of traffic controllers and watch your turn lanes. Many of you are not following the traffic plans designed by the Weston BSO. Between 7:30 and 3:00 there is a very specific traffic pattern.

  1. Pull all the way up to the carpool lane.
  2. We are a cell-phone free carpool line. Refrain from talking on your cell phone on the line.
  3. Have your car signs (hang-tags with name(s) of your children) easily visible on your dashboard. If there is no sign, you will have to go into the office to obtain another one after proving who you are, in order for us to release a student into your custody.
  4. Be Patient – our lines move a little faster when everyone cooperates.
  5. The parking lot is not to be used at dismissal time to avoid the car line by quickly leaving your car double parked and picking up your child who is sitting and waiting on the carpool line.
  6. No student should be accessing their car on the left side into traffic. Please rearrange car seats so that all students enter and exit their cars on the carpool line from the passenger side of the car.
  7. All drivers should remain inside their vehicles, at all times, on the carpool line.
  8. When on the carpool line, do not have your child access the trunk for their bookbags. They should be in the car with the students in order to avoid oncoming motorists in the carpool lane.
  9. Elementary students need to be in their seats, in class at 8:00. They must be signed in at the office if they arrive after 8:10 A.M. Middle school need to be in their seats by 7:45 am. They must be signed in at the office if they arrive after 8:00 am.

Pedestrian Crossing

The intersection of Publix, the school and Glades Circle is NOT a crosswalk. Crossing at this location is strictly prohibited and extremely unsafe. The City of Weston has provided crossing guards at the correct pedestrian crossing location: GLADES PARKWAY and GLADES CIRCLE. Additionally, walking through the carpool loop to access the staff parking area is prohibited. Students must be walked on the sidewalk at all times.

Cell Phone Usage in the School Zone

For the safety of our students and staff members, cell phone usage is not permitted in the school zone. Broward Sheriff’s Office routinely patrols the school campus area and will issue citations at their discretion to enforce all applicable laws and regulations.