Uniform Policy

In order to create a consistent and safe environment free of distractions, the school has developed a Dress Code and supporting Uniform Policy. It is the belief of the school administration and staff that students who come to school dressed properly will achieve higher academically and conduct themselves more appropriately while at school. This belief is supported by extensive research on the positive effect of school uniforms on student learning and behavior and is also stated in our approved charter. Therefore, Imagine Weston enforces a mandatory uniform policy for all students. The school uniform consists of the following:

  • Imagine Weston collared shirts, tucked in at the waist.
  • Imagine Color block shirts from In Unison
  • Middle School shirt colors: Red, Black, Teal, Purple or Royal Blue
  • Elementary school shirt colors: Navy or Light Blue, Pink, White – solid or stripes
  • Khaki or Navy bottoms, including pants, shorts, capris or skorts
  • Belt or bottoms with built in elastic waistband
  • Socks and closed-toe shoes or sneakers (no knee high sneakers)
  • Navy or white tights permitted on cold weather days
  • Boots and colored knee socks are not part of the dress code
  • Spirit, or, when applicable, special field trip shirts must be worn with uniform bottoms for field trips
  • Navy or white tights permitted on cold weather days
  • Field Trip Spirit Shirts – On any school sponsored field trip students will be required to wear a spirit shirt. This is for safety purposes. These distinctive shirts help to quickly identify any and all Imagine Weston students.

In addition, students must keep their hair neat and out of their eyes. Students are not permitted to wear hair or makeup in a fashion that is a distraction to the learning environment. Blue jeans are not a part of the school uniform except on Fridays when worn with a specially purchased yearly “Friday Dress Down Pass” shirt (see below). On cold weather days the uniform policy is still in effect. Cold weather uniforms are available from In Unison including long pants, long sleeve shirts, jackets and
sweatshirts. Colored leggings and pants under the school uniform are not a part of the dress code.

To ensure continuity of uniforms and to ensure proper length and appropriate fit of bottoms, all uniform tops and bottoms must be purchased through the school’s authorized provider:

In Unison School Apparel
4747 Nob Hill Road, Suite #8
Sunrise, FL 33351
tel: 954-718-7030 or visit their website


Bottoms, such as shorts, skorts or pants, may be purchased through In Unison or at other local retailers. However, retail store bought bottoms must look like those offered by In Unison.

Outerwear and Jackets

Only Imagine Schools Outerwear or solid navy colored jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts are permitted to be worn in the classroom without brand name, logos or designs to stay in keeping with the simple, well-dressed intention of the mandatory
uniform pieces. Please write your child’s name in all jackets and outerware. Many students tend to forget them on campus. Putting their names on their sweaters, jackets, etc. will help restore lost items to you.

Non-Compliance with Uniform Policy

All students must come to school wearing the approved uniform. Noncompliance of the policy will result in the following actions:

  • 1st violation of dress code – communication from the teacher to parent
  • 2nd violation of dress code –written communication sent home from school administration
  • 3rd violation of dress code – Student will be sent to the front office and parent will be notified to pick up child or bring in school uniform items for the child to change into.

Please assist the school in maintaining an environment that is conducive to learning by adhering to the student dress code and uniform policy.

Dress Down Pass

The school operates a fundraiser called the “Friday Dress Down Pass”. Participation in the program is optional. However, students not participating in the Dress Down program must adhere to the regular uniform dress code for Fridays. Previous years’ Dress Down shirts and field trip shirts are not permitted.

For a cost of $40.00, a student will be able to purchase a “Dress Down” pass/shirt. There is a separate shirt for the elementary and middle schools. The student will then be able to dress down every Friday with the current year’s Friday shirt with either jeans, jean shorts, or approved uniform bottoms. In cases where student dress causes a disruptive or behavioral event, the school reserves the right to revoke this privilege and issue a prorated refund. There will be a two week period at the beginning of the school year where “Dress Down” money will be collected. Students will be actively monitored to ensure compliance related to Dress Code, Uniform Policy, and Dress Down Days.